AcroFlex is a new dynamic lesson that aims to intensely improve our balance and flexibility through tandem acrobatic exercises and stretches, mixing ground acrobatics, yoga, dancing and muscle strengthening workout. The main objectives of the course are the awakening of the nervous and muscular system, the proper structure of the body, the improvement of flexibility, strength and reflexes, as well as the promotion of team spirit having as an ultimate goal the achievement of the exercises.

Each lesson includes body warm-up, strengthening exercises, intense stretching in pairs, group exercises in combinations of two or more people, acrobatic supports / lifts / falls / balance exercises and cooling down.

We accept our similarities and differences, striving for excellent cooperation. We overcome the fear of height and learn how to be supported by someone other than ourselves. Words and concepts that characterize AcroFlex: teamwork - cooperation - common goal - mutual assistance. AcroFlex is targeted at all levels. The exercises are tailored to the level of strength and flexibility of each student.

ALL LEVELS. With Eleftheria Kentrou. Duration: I hour. Drop in: 10€