Contemporary Pole is a class that combines contemporary dance techniques with pole dancing.

Students are taught basic principles of those two types of dance. The pole is always used as a reference point. By combining the aerial exercises that are included in a typical Pole Dance lesson and contemporary dance techniques (release), this class aims for a creative, dynamic, artistic result. Each lesson consists of dance warm-up, strengthening and technique exercises, choreography and stretching/recovery time. The performance of a choreography is the main purpose of each series of lessons. The lessons are made in such a way, that our purpose is reached through proper warm-up and instruction of the technical details and demands of each choreography. At the end, the choreography should not be only performed correctly, but we should also be able to express our emotions through it. The quality of movement, which can either follow the music or not (contrast), comes next, giving a unique character to each choreography.

While Pole Dance evolves globally, it is apparent that pole dancers’ training on other types of dance doesn’t function simply ancillary, but in most cases becomes essential. The term “Pole Dance” encloses by definition the meaning of dance, therefore it is deemed necessary for the dancer-athlete, besides the proper technical performance of difficult aerial exercises, to be able to master basic dance principles. Contemporary dance offers many movement choices, helps strengthening and flexibility, improves breathing and stimulates imagination and creativity. Movement in space, level changes, development of different qualities of movement and all with the right memory and concentration, bring the most important element of dance, flow.

The class is for all levels, from total beginners to advanced pole dancers and in general to any who wishes to improve their flow, their body lines and their transitions from one posture to the next. Our movement becomes effortless, we develop our musicality, our dance skills and our expression.

ALL LEVELS. With Eva Sklavounou. Duration: 1 hour. Drop in: 10€ +VAT