When hanging fabrics become the tool to climb, to create shapes, stunts and acrobatics, then a new fun experience begins! Everything changes when your feet leave the ground you where so used to! SILX develops our core strength and upper-body, widens the range of our movement and flexibility, helps us confront our fears and our creativity grows. Using our own weight and the laws of gravity, we have full control of how far we want to push ourselves and our abilities.

Get ready to challenge yourselves and get rid of all your worries by the end of this class! Besides flexibility and strengthening which are our main purposes, by using the silks a bit differently we can do mild stretches, we improve core stability, and we decompress and lengthen our spine. We calm our minds and leave daily stress behind.

ALL LEVELS. With Adamantia Theophilakou. Duration: 75 min. Drop in: 15€