PoleJam Workspace based in Athens Greece, is an energetic and upbeat Pole & Aerial Dance workspace. Here, one can learn to pole dance, dance on aerial silks, aerial hoop & aerial cube. Our aims are to instruct aerial dance, seek new dancing possibilities and break free from the mainstream standards. We draw our inspiration from various dancing styles, yoga and floor acrobatics, and most of all we are a group of people who want to have fun through dancing in the air!







PoleJam's training and dancing activities space (74 sq.m.) is equipped with 9 poles (static/spinning), aerial silks, aerial hoops and aerial cube. It is designed in such a way, as to be a pleasant and spacious training and artistic expression environment.




Eleftheria Kentrou

Eleftheria Kentrou is the founder of PoleJam. She is a pole dancer, instructor and choreographer. She teaches Pole Dance daily for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). She is involved with Pole Dance since 2009 and to this day she has participated in major Pole Dance events in Greece and abroad.











Benefits of Aerial Dance

As any other kind of creative involvement which includes physical exercise, Aerial Dance offers gradual muscular strengthening and well-being and enhances flexibility and posture. It also helps concentration and body-spirit coordination and triggers feelings of confidence, joy and satisfaction in everyone.






Contemporary Pole Dance

The nature of Pole Dance has changed significantly within the years. Not so long ago people associated it exclusively with sensual movement and striptease aesthetics. This has now changed. Pole Dance is a way to express oneself. The possibilities of this aerial dance style are endless in the aesthetic-artistic part, as new creative approaches emerge continuously.



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At PoleJam we offer daily Pole Dance classes for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), in small groups or private lessons. We also offer weekly aerial silks classes (SILX), aerial hoop & aerial cube classes (AERIAL HOOP/ AERIAL JAM), flexibility and core strengthening classes (SLEXTREME), intense workout classes for fast muscle strengthening (BEAST MODE: ON), floor acrobatics classes (AcroJam) as well as dancing classes to improve flow of movement, combing ballet and contemporary dance elements with pole dance (Pole Ballet &Contemporary).

For our younger members (ages 7-15), we offer pole acrobatics classes, designed especially for kids and young people (PoleJam Kids).

polejam team THE POLEJAM TEAM

   Meet our PoleJam Team:

PoleJam Team


Eleftheria Kentrou, owner of PoleJam, is a Pole Dance and Aerial Hoop dancer, instructor and choreographer. From a young age she took part in athletic activities (track and field) and since then has dabbled in various sports, classic and modern dance, rhythmic gymnastics, yoga, and aerial acrobatics. She began her Pole Dance training in 2009, and as of 2011, she teaches. She founded PoleJam in March of 2013. Since 2017 she also is involved with Aerial Hoop. Between 2009-2019, she has participated as a dancer in a plethora of Pole Dance Events and Competitions such as: Pole Theatre UK (2018, finalist, art semi pro division, doubles with Anastasia Delta), 1st Greek Pole Championship (2014, finalist professional division), The Radical Pole Show (2014), Rock and Pole Dance Party & Expo (2013). As a producer/choreographer/instructor she has organized & supervised performances and showcases for PoleJam at various venues, such as: Aerials (Gialino Music Theatre, 2018), Wings (Polis Theatre, 2017), Rockwave Festival (Terra Vibe, 2015, 2016), Pole Circus & Pole Battles (3rd and 4th Circus International Festival, Technopolis, 2013, 2014) et al. She has attended seminars with Anastasia Skukhtorova, Natasha Wang, Marion Crampe, Sergia Louise Anderson, Natalia Tatarintseva, Anastasia Sokolova, Marina Bogomolova, Felicity Logan, Yvonne Smink, Lisette Kroll, Heidi Coker, Anna - Maya Nyman, Elena Topalidou, Lia Chamilothori, Elli Skouroyianni and others. She also has obtained influential techniques by dancers such as Marlo Fisken and Olga Koda. She teaches Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop, Strength Conditioning Training and Flexibility for all levels.

PoleJam Team


Aliki Konsolaki first became involved with dance at the age of 8. After 10 years of attending Latin, European dances and simultaneously knowing several other kinds (ballet, contemporary, hip hop, modern) she was won by Pole Dance and has been involved with it ever since. Starting as a student in 2012, she continued as a teacher from 2014 until today. She has participated in competitions (3rd place pole battle tricks 2015), in events and has attended many seminars with internationally renowned Pole Dancers.


Adamantia Theophilakou is an Aerial acrobatic silks dancer and instructor. She has studied French literature and Theatre and has worked and still works as an actor.
She started training on aerial dance in 2013 and she teaches since 2017.
In June 2020 she opened her own aerial dance space "Aerials in Kipseli" and in September 2020 she began her collaboration with PoleJam, as an instructor of the class Aerial silks dance & acrobatics.

PoleJam Team


Marianna Armaou had her first contact with sports at the age of 7, with swimming, with which she engaged until the age of 12. At the same time, she tried gymnastics for a while. Later, while in a search period, she became interested in hip hop. She attended classes and participated in a performance of the school to which she belonged. In 2013, she met Pole Dance and Eleftheria Kentrou, owner of PoleJam, and has been passionate about it ever since, initially as a student and then as a teacher (2019). She has participated in the PoleJam show "Aerials" (Glass Music Theater, 2018).

PoleJam Team